Three Things to Know About The Tee Shop


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Thanks so much for visiting The Tee Shop.

The brand was created out of our distinct love for t-shirts. But not just any ole t-shirt. We love amazing t-shirts that both look good and feel good.

Given that there's a lot of places that you can buy t-shirts, we thought we'd share three things that make The Tee Shop a little different than other options you may have.

Fabric Quality

Ever put on a t-shirt that felt like sandpaper or that you couldn't wait to take off? It's a miserable feeling, and one you will never experience with one of our t-shirts.

Our fabric is premium and our fit isn't overly slim. Because, let's be honest, no one likes a tight fitting t-shirt that makes you feel like you can't eat a cupcake.

Customer Service

Of course we want to be perfect for you, but if something goes sideways with your order, or, USPS delivers you a package that looks like it's been run over a 18 times (true story), we will be there to help you.

When you shop with The Tee Shop you can do so with confidence because we will be here to help make it a great experience for you.

We Bring the Cuteness

We're obviously partial, but if you're looking for cute t-shirt designs, that's exactly what you are going to find at The Tee Shop.

From things related to pop culture or current events, we are constantly dreaming up new designs that you will love.

So when you're looking for a cute and trendy t-shirt, we hope you will consider shopping at The Tee Shop.